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I’m taking the blog live today.

I have toyed with the idea of combining a blog with a business for several years. Before obtaining my degree in Dietetics, I began my college studies in journalism. I still love to write–I just want to do it on my terms.

So here I am. I’m a stay at home mom that has moved 36 times over the course of my life. I’ve decorated and arranged numerous spaces all over the country. I know what it’s like to go from 5,000+ square feet to 1,800 square feet. I learned first hand that bigger in housing doesn’t mean better. Our little family has found our sweet spot in less than 2,400 square feet smack in the heart of downtown.


I will be the first to declare myself type A. Organization is a daily ritual for me. I enjoy cleaning closets, building capsule wardrobes for friends, and even cleaning out junk drawers. I love the satisfaction of a well ordered world–clean house, healthy dinner, happy family.  It would be great to share my passions with others.

In addition to food and obsessive cleaning, I have a new passion for Young Living essential oils. I’ve been using them in my home and with my family for over a year. I am ready to share some of the benefits of natural health. I would never call myself a sales person, but if you like an idea and want to try oils in your home–I would love to help you do that.

I have always loved the study of food, herbs, and natural health.  It is incredible to me that foods can help prevent cancer, control inflammation, fight depression, improve thyroid function, clear your skin…or perform a multitude of tasks just by being eaten!

Essential oils were a natural progression as many are made from foods or herbs we already eat. Did you know that lemon essential oil can boost immunity or that some herbs and oils can be used for alternative medicine? Each oil is a concentrated, distilled version of beneficial plants and herbs that have been used for healing for centuries.

Obviously, I am looking for the total package: a healthy and whole life. I’m getting rid of the things that don’t serve our lifestyle, feed our soul, or make us happy. I’m putting the good stuff in. I’m investing in the best foods, favorite outfits, and beautiful things in our home that bring us joy. I would rather use natural products than take a pill…if you feel the same, let me know.

I hope you have fun reading my blog!