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Winter seemed to last FOREVER. Our spring was cold and rainy — so I am just now storing winter gear and putting out summer clothes. Here is a peek at one drawer.


This is my winter weather drawer: long underwear, boot liners, wool and fleece ski tops, wool skirt for “covering my assets” when I take off ski pants and have on long underwear and a collection of black leggings. All very necessary stuff for winter activities here.

Each spring, I make sure that everything is clean and I store what I do not use during the summer in a blanket bag. I spray everything down with cedar spray to freshen. I bought this cashmere spray over the winter, but will make my own from now on since I can make my own with Young Living cedar wood essential oil. The Laundress makes an awesome product–but I can save 90% of the cost by making my own version.


Cedar wood linen spray deters moths and freshens fabric.

Here is the recipe that I plan to make in a 4 oz glass spray bottle.

  • 2tbs vodka or witch hazel
  • 6-10 drops Young living Cedar wood essential oil.
  • Distilled water


Last, unpack summer and refill the drawer. I still loosely use the Kon Mari folding method and collect any unused shoe boxes or shallow containers to help separate clothing by type. Athletic shorts are in the box on the left, summer sweaters in the center, and regular shorts on the right.

Please feel free to contact me by using the menu buttons if you would like to order the cedar wood essential oil. Also–if you become a member of Young Living, you can get the wholesale price! One 15ml bottle of oil contains about 250 drops. That’s a lot of linen spray! We use cedar for many other uses–but since the bottles last so long, I have been using one bottle for an entire year.