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It’s summer concert season!

J and I went to Dave Matthews last weekend. It’s always such a fantastic show. My only worry was the wet spring and abundance of mosquitos in an outdoor venue. I whipped up a roller bottle of natural bug repellent just before the show and it worked great.



I used a 10 mL roller bottle–because that is what I had on hand.  Once I added the primary ingredients, I used fractionated coconut oil to fill the bottle and provide a little staying power for the oils.

Everyone that we went to the show with wore the oils. Six adults, ZERO bug bites. Yes!


Great news! I also found out today that YL is launching several great new products, including their own natural insect repellent! I admit, the product is pricey, but it is 99% essential oils with 1% vitamin E. No harmful chemicals–just mother nature’s own natural insect repelling oils.


Personally, I love having my YL Starter Kit. Becoming a member allows me wholesale price on any products. The starter kits provide several options to enjoy a dozen or more essential oils, diffusers, as well as samples of popular products. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click on my About page. I’ve been making most of the items that I use. It gives me control over ingredients and so far it costs less to make what I like.

  • Don’t forget to enter my personal member number: 10157187 as both member number and enrolled number. It should be saved on the link…but just in case you need it!