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This chair is a beloved part of our family history. It’s large enough to hold all four of us for story time and it’s where we go to cuddle. We bought “the red chair” while living in Texas…where southwest decor was a goal. Fast forward three moves and several years later and the red chair simply did not fit in.

My kids LOVE the red chair. When we downsized in to the condo, my daughter insisted on keeping the red chair for her room. She also insisted that her room was going to be lavender and mint.

I priced upholstery for the red chair. It would cost as much to recover it as the original purchase price. I looked for similar chairs–the one that we have is soft and cozy with down wrapped cushions and meant to be a chair that you love for a very long time. There was no way I could simply buy a different color in the same style.

I was in the upholstery shop discussing my dilemma with a decorator and she had the brilliant idea to slipcover the chair. I searched online for a pre-made cover and didn’t have much luck due to the T-shaped cushions and large scale of the piece. In addition…there was no way to cover the ottoman.

Finally, I came across an article showing how to slipcover furniture with drop cloths. DROP CLOTHS!! The ones that painter’s use to protect the floor that are $20 for a huge amount of fabric!


While I admit, it’s not expertly done–it made a seven year old extremely happy and only cost me 50.00. I used upholstery tacks to secure the fabric since I do not sew. There are also a few staples where I could get them to stick.

I am so happy that we could keep one of our favorite pieces in the new home.