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My daughter has been asking for a doll house. I had been looking for almost a year for just the right one–not crazy expensive, something that suits her taste.  I came across some Pinterest photos of houses made from inexpensive cube organizers like the kind that you can buy from Target.

We spent weeks collecting ideas online and trying to decide what rooms we wanted to include in the play house. The shelving we bought gave us nine rooms.

My friends at Saratoga Signature Interiors gave us a box of discontinued fabric samples. It was a GOLD MINE!


I have no doubt that these lucky dolls will have the most stylish home!

We started with the master bedroom. Our bed was constructed from a shoe box and we used the packing insulation from our Home Chef delivery boxes as mattress and filling for pillows and upholstery materials. IMG_0688

This is what the filling looks like. I love that Home Chef uses recycled materials that you can then compost or repurpose!


The beginnings of our master bedroom! We are working on lighting and accessories…but our little family of kittens slept well last night 🙂


**Also, if you would like to try delicious meals with the ingredients delivered straight to your home. Give Home Chef a try!