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The vision that I had when I started Spa City Mama was to generate a few creative projects to keep myself busy now that the kids are in school. I often dispense free nutrition advice and clean out my girlfriend’s closets…but I really wanted to try interior decorating.  A close friend of mine took me up on my offer to make over her new living room.

The process is so exciting for me–coming up with colors and ideas and making people happy. My sweet friend M works very long hours and spends her evenings loving up her beautiful two year old daughter. M had recently purchased a town home and was finding difficulty pulling her living room together.  She had accumulated some nice basics–a sofa and side chairs–yet it still looked like no one was really living in the house. There was no solid theme and the bare walls made it feel uninviting.




She basically gave me carte blanche. M sort of knew what she liked… but didn’t have the time to pull it together. I heard the words “rustic, but not too crazy” and we talked about her favorite colors and the obvious practicality required with a small child. We needed things that would stand up to sticky fingers and the occasional tumble, but still feel grown up. M was adamant that she didn’t want it to feel like a kid’s area. The living area of her two bedroom town home needed to function as a relaxing space for a busy professional  and still manage to be safe place for a toddler to roam.

Like many of us, seeing the “big picture” while furnishing a home can be tough.  Our inspiration came in the form of two items that I found at Saratoga Signature Interiors, my favorite local furniture and design store.


I found this vintage sign in the outdoor section of the store. It made me grin immediately.  M had mentioned her love of rustic finds and this was perfect. It also reminded me of the love she has for her daughter and her desire to make a home that they could both enjoy.


My next inspiration came a few days later when M and I were at Saratoga Signature together. Most of my brilliant ideas had been rejected and we had to find something that spoke to her style…and not my ideas of her style. She loved the rustic look of this vintage wooden tray.  The soft purples and greens mixed with the rusted patina were a huge hit. I am a huge fan of finding something that you absolutely adore and building a room around it! We now had two great finds to work with.

Stay tuned. I will be posting some “Progress” photos very soon.