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As parents, most of us do not spend enough quality time with our significant others. Our days are divided by work, kids, chores, after school activities.  Before you know it, weeks go by without genuine face time between couples.

Last week, we were lucky enough to get a few precious nights kid free.  We stayed at a resort in between where we live and where J’s family is from. Stay-cation isn’t exactly a word…but it is the perfect solution for a couple with busy lives to reconnect. I don’t like being too far away from the kids and it was nice to know that I could reach them at any time.

If we are lucky, we get 5-7 nights per year kid free. This time is absolutely precious and helps us to stay connected to each other.

We were able to enjoy coffee by the pool, discuss our favorite plot lines from Game of Thrones and our theories for who will rule the seven kingdoms! Laugh if you must…but our children would never allow a 20-30 minute uninterrupted conversation on a topic that they couldn’t weigh in on!

Just sitting in silence and reading held a bit of a thrill. Imagine–doing what you want to do without anyone making you stop to fix a snack or entertain them?!? I caught myself admiring the view and taking a moment to twirl my fingers into J’s hair. I smiled when he patted my leg or made sure I had sunscreen on the tops of my feet. The little stuff is always the best.

We went out on a boat with my brother and sister in law and had a grown up dinner. We slept late and didn’t feel a smidgeon of guilt! It made me renew my resolve for a weekly date night. My hubs is a very likable guy and it is worth scheduling time to hang out.


We got the littles back in time for the weekend and the entire vibe changed. Suddenly, we were subject to entertaining them…following their schedules…leaving the pool when someone got tired and cranky.

Don’t get me wrong…I love them to distraction and we enjoyed being with them in such a beautiful place. I screamed with excitement and laughter when L caught her first fish and told me that it was a foot bigger than the itty bitty thing that I saw on the hook!

Watching M scale a rock wall while I languished pathetically on the first quarter of the ascent was great. My kid has wicked core strength and he’s fast! Mom on the other hand, needs to work on her upper body!!

At night, we would put them to bed and sip wine on the deck and remember that just days ago we had the entire place to ourselves… Then, we would tiptoe inside and look at their sweet little faces and I could feel my chest squeeze tightly. I love my tribe.

You just cannot beat quality time.