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In this house, nothing pops louder than my jaw.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome causes pain along the jawline to the ear on both sides of the face.  A childhood fall cracked my jaw and I was completely unaware until I had my wisdom teeth out at 19. The dentist found a small scar under my chin and told me that my jaw was out of alignment.

I have a friend that is an oral surgeon and he advised against having my jaw broken and reset–that was the Army’s suggestion at their dental training facility 🙂  So, I live with the clicking and popping and sometimes the more severe stiffness and headaches.

When I’m stressed…my teeth must be welded together at night. I often have to loosen my jaw and pop it several times to get relief.


Young Living Oils– Stress Away and Tranquil

About a month ago, I found relief. I had bought these rollers to carry in my purse thinking that they would come in handy with two noisy kids on summer vacation. Little did I know, that rolling either of them along my jawline would ease my TMJ and allow me to avoid the horrible tension headaches that I typically get as a result.

Both smell amazing. I use them on my forehead when I need a few breaths to calm down and refocus. I use them on the back of my neck when I feel a stress headache coming on. I’ve rolled them down my spine on tough days and applied to the soles of my feet before sleep. They are soothing and my heart and mind feel better.

The fact that they relax me enough to relieve my TMJ is INCREDIBLE .

If you would like to try these amazing oils–let me order them for you by clicking the link to contact me below!