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My beloved jade lamp

When I put together a room, I always think about a quote that I saw from the famous designer Bunny Williams; “Find that object that sings to you and buy it.”

I think people often try to follow trends or stay neutral rather than staying true to themselves. What “sings to you?”

For me, it’s an odd and eclectic mix of rustic wood from my Texas heritage, Mexican art from the years we spent on the border, and even some Asian elements after our travels to Vietnam to bring our son home. It tells our story. Now that we are in a smaller space…the house truly does sing with our life story and experiences. There isn’t any room for “filler”

I have a core group of colors that I  love–deep blues and emerald green mixed with gold. I bounce these brights off of neutrals and if I love something, it gets added to the mix. I have a thing for botanical prints and I’ve started a small collection of gorgeous vases made by Fabienne Jouvin. The ones I love are nature inspired and showcase my love of butterflies and dragonflies.

I mix gold and silver with careless abandon. I marry expensive with thrift and cross cultures in the same room. I love a room with stories! Perhaps that is also the soldier in me? I always enjoyed going in to a career military person’s home and seeing the journey of their life displayed in art and decor. There is no right or wrong if you love an item.

I believe that if you love something, you can find a way to make it work. If I am at home, I like to be surrounded by things that matter to me.

Yes, find what sings to you and build your home around it.

Table Decor

  • Jade lamp: Saratoga Signature Interiors
  • Photo of my late grandfather, Ellis
  • Shishi lion- the open mouth meaning life and creation for Buddhists: Home Goods
  • Wooden tray: TJ Maxx
  • Picture of J and I at a friend’s Vegas wedding
  • My beautiful babies
  • If you look closely, you will see an orb that I blew at the Corning Glass Museum on a trip with our closest friends.
  • A candle–because power does go out during storms….otherwise that would be stashed away because I find it a bit too much 🙂