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We rented this sweet little cabin off of VRBO and spent three days unplugged. It was wonderful.

Days were spent barefooted in bathing suits. I love the smell of warm coconut scented sunscreen and sunshine in my kids’ hair.  We went swimming, had picnics, and spent an afternoon snuggled drowsily in the hammock while the sun played peek a boo through the trees.  I love listening to my children talk and laugh.


We blew bubbles and watched them float over the lake. We made a tiny campfire and made S’mores. The kids were adorable with marshmallow coated lips and chocolate smeared arms.

It was fun to let them be dirty…rinse them in the lake…and watch them yawn as the sun would fade on another day outside.


Watching them build castles and moats on the rocky shores of the lake was an intricate and and entertaining sight. Listening to them shriek with laughter when a large wave would crash through and cause them to rebuild. Stacking stones…lapping waves..lazy and perfect days.