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We only have a few weeks left until school begins.  At this time of the year, the house is a wreck and the kids are either squeezing every last drop out of summer–staying up long past bedtime and running with glow sticks in hand….or bickering and bored.

August is a combination of last minute fun and the “to do list” for a new academic year. Hair cuts, school physicals, supply shopping, and exhaustion! The organizer in me cannot wait for school to begin so that I can clean the house from top to bottom and regain order in the chaos. Fortunately, I let those feelings ride for the most part during this time. My dining room is full of materials to make dollhouse furniture and there are legos in the living room. It’s a balance 🙂

Someone asked me the other day about school clothes shopping.  I guess we are odd in that we don’t really participate in this.  My kids have summer birthdays and they receive all kinds of beautiful outfits from family. We usually reserve the nice stuff for back to school in the early weeks when the weather is warm.

I typically take a wait and see approach. Soon, we will inventory the clothes that the kids have–looking for those to keep, those to donate, and those items that are too far gone to be of use.

I’ve always been a minimalist where it comes to children’s shoes. I would rather buy one good pair than several trendy pairs that fall apart. My back to school compromise is usually a shiny new pair of sneakers even if the current ones still fit. Nothing says “new school year” like fresh kicks!


Mini Boden High Top Sneaker in Rose Gold!

The rest of the wardrobe gets updated as needed. Children have so many clothes these days! In the northeast, I have found that the important items are rain coats, parkas, boots, hats, gloves. We try to buy good gear to keep the kids warm and pass it on to a friend when we outgrow it.

Best wishes for an exciting new school year!!