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So many things are happening. I’m a Texas girl in upstate New York…watching the devastation of hurricane Harvey on the news and on friends’ FB feeds. I cannot describe the emotions. So much sorrow and feelings of helplessness. So much NEED.

It warms my heart every time I see a dented pick up truck with a flat bottomed boat headed to the Houston area. Good people with huge hearts…rescuing anyone they find. Men carrying senior citizens and babies gently in their arms. Even a friend posted a photo of a tiny orphaned bunny that they plucked out of the water in a parking lot.


Every single time I want to give up on humanity…with all of the hate spewing in this world….this great equalizer comes. It says the world is bigger than you. It says the only way we keep going is to hold a stranger’s hand or give kindness where there once might have been little. People are still good at heart.

These are the character building moments …where you are reduced to HUMAN. When politics, race, economics…every thing is wiped away in a torrential rain and all you see are LIVING CREATURES. The focus is so sharp in those moments. It’s crystal clear–the right path is helping one another in a giant human chain. Giving our food, our resources to those who need it. Taking time for compassion and your fellow men.

My eyes filled with tears watching “Mattress Mack” on the news. The commercials I’d grown up watching with this funny man in a mattress suit jumping up and down saying “I will save you money!” Mattress Mack opening his showrooms of brand new furniture and beds–giving comfort and safety to Houston. I watched him cry as he explained that it was just the right thing to do.

When someone says “I couldn’t watch it on the news–I had to go there and do what I could…” life feels just a little bit better again.  I have read the most eloquent posts from guys that I grew up with. Guys with hunting clothes and flat bottom boats who are what I will always refer to as “good people.”  People herding horses and cattle down flooded city freeways. Men and women following drive and instinct to do something that matters in the most practical and important way that the world needs. Hands on. Boots on the ground. Life saving. Spirit saving.

Together, they loaded up trucks with formula, diapers, and water. Churches packed ladies handbags full of essential toiletries to distribute to those who had lost all. No matter how big or how small–each act straight from the heart. Even the friends who ended up with a temperamental goat on their boat! Good people getting it done.


Right now, I am far away. I can donate to food banks and rescue organizations…but my heart is with you all of the way. I am proud of my home state–for giving shelter, saving lives, and being Texans. I love ya’ll.