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Every school year, I send the kids off to their first day and I make a list of projects to accomplish during the hours that they are away.

Part of downsizing is controlling the clutter that threatens to overwhelm a smaller living space. I have decided to work in the kitchen next week–We’ve been in the house just over a year and it is time to reorganize.


This is our kitchen during the final phase of construction.  I did not have the option of an open concept and I had a finite amount of space to work with. I chose drawers over cabinets because they hold a lot and everything is visible when you open them. Deep dark cabinet spaces are tougher to organize and it is easy to miss items when you are looking for something.


The Pantry.

Some people blow their budgets in other ways…I went for the crazy custom pantry. I lost my awesome coffee bar and wine fridge from the big house, and I was able to use this added counter space as a coffee bar.

Now, my kitchen counters are much less cluttered. Appliances, such as the blender or my husband’s “must have” toaster oven can be stored and used in this space due to the addition of multiple outlets.

We also added a lazy Susan to the corner to maximize storage.

Stay tuned as I sort and organize!