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The best advice for organizing your kitchen pantry? Do it BEFORE you go grocery shopping.  With the new school year just beginning and a crazy schedule –after school activities, open houses, end of summer get togethers–my pantry is almost entirely empty.

Rather than dash out to the store, I decided to take a moment to organize. With less to deal with, this took about ten minutes. If you like your pantries stacked to the max (like I do during the winter when the weather is miserable and the weekly farmer’s market is full of jam) a quick organization and inventory will get you going in the right direction.


  • Check for any expired items or foods you will not use–toss expired food
  • Donate any acceptable items to a local food pantry.
  • I love glass containers for grains and cereals. For me, nothing is worse than “thinking” I have an item and then reaching for the box to find out there isn’t enough to make a meal. See through containers allow me to glance quickly and note that I am running out of rice, sugar…etc.
  • I like to keep sandwich stuff on the bottom where the kids can reach it.
  • Same for the doggie treats.
  • Spices/vinegars are on tiered shelves so I can find what I need quickly.
  • For a well stocked pantry, keep a few easy recipes up your sleeve.
    • Beans of every kind with grains.
    • Pasta with jarred pesto or marinara.
    • Broth and noodles for a quick soup with leftover meat and veggies.
    • Dry oatmeal to jazz up with fruit, granola, or honey on busy mornings.
    • If you bake (I don’t). Flour, Sugar, baking powder, baking soda…
    • I keep a stash of frosting and birthday candles in the top of the pantry.
    • Something to make a quick appetizer–chips and salsa, chickpeas for hummus, crackers, dips.
    • I also always have salmon, tuna, olives, capers. Very classy in a pinch!
    • The non-diet soda for our friends that can actually taste fake sweetener


Perhaps the main reason my pantry is my favorite room in the house? This is where the coffee, tea, espresso, and hot chocolate happen. I love local treats like Barkeater Chocolates, Saratoga Tea and Honey, and my husband’s beloved Death Wish Coffee! 


Don’t forget something that makes you smile 🙂

My high school friend Sheri is an incredible artist…and a few years ago I scored a limited edition of this print. She said it was a gift for an ex boyfriend–after I died laughing–I told her that I thought it was an excellent reminder that I couldn’t do everything by myself.

She said that she had never thought of it like that!

I am willing to admit her take on the print also applies to me!