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I Married Adventure, by Osa Johnson.

I have loved this book from cover to cover–a young girl falls in love and travels the world with a photographer…

I think for many of us–living simply and surrounding ourselves with things we love can mean many different things.

Something that I meditate frequently on is “What brings me joy?”

What does it for me?

Water. Lapping waves. Cool green moss on rocks. Old books. Winding trails. Places that remind me of something happy. Memories of my kids captured in those brilliant moments where they are experiencing life with total abandon.

These experiences sing to me like colors. I’ve said before that I gravitate to earth tones. I love to surround myself with things that make my heart sing.


It’s how a moment like the one above becomes this:


or this:


I was in a meeting with a client the other day and my friend at the furniture store said something profound to me; “Everyone walks in to the store to buy a beige sofa and chairs–when you go for design you get a totally different experience.”

Don’t know what you want or where to start? Look at the things you love. Find your joy.