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Last fall, I signed up with a friend to take a beginner art class. Our medium? Pastels. I remember that I was so intimidated…because I was never the kid who could “draw”. The class was a mix of talented artists and people just like me–spending two hours working on something that they have never tried.


I call this one “Like a Boss.”

I watched images emerge as I worked in class–my daughter’s determined walk after her first ballet class…flowers on a hill…the pond in the park.


I felt a quiet joy in the work. It didn’t matter if it was “good.” What mattered was the happiness I found in being still and making something on a piece of paper. We didn’t talk much in class…but the camaraderie was so nice in the colder months that draw north easterners back into their homes most days.


I learned something scratching away on these pages–my style is primitive…my mind and my hands move quickly. I like bright colors and I am amazed at how my mood for the day affects my drawings.

Everything that we do can be mindful. We don’t even have to be good at something to feel good doing it.

What would you create?