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Part of downsizing my wardrobe has been the search for ethical clothing made from quality materials.

I discovered Everlane a few years ago–what an amazing company! They offer quality basics at great prices. Everlane offers radical transparency. The company tells you exactly where the clothing is made as well as the cost of materials, labor, and mark up.

I particularly love their cashmere. Last year, I bought two crewneck sweaters for a hundred dollars each! I wore them several times per week. The sweaters are super soft and light weight. Even better? Unlike wool, you can throw these sweaters in the wash on delicate or hand wash with a product like The Laundress wool and cashmere shampoo.

You have to establish an account when you visit their home page for the first time. Then, you are free to shop their amazing sweaters, knits, dresses, shoes, and even leather/travel goods.

And if you REALLY want to make my day–be sure and enter my referral code https://www.everlane.com/r/1c2jsx    after you activate your new account.

Happy Shopping! Remember–buy quality, not quantity.