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IMG_1433We love our faux fur in the northeast.

The snuggle factor is high!


Sick day and faux fur!

I bought these two throws at Target a few years ago for less than $40 a piece. I had been eyeing the more expensive versions at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware...but with two small children and a dog I was afraid to spend too much without knowing how these babies would hold up to actual family life.

At first, I arranged them artfully over our sofas. Then we started to get cozy together…then the dog peed on one. Ugh. What now?

Did you know that you can WASH faux fur??

I googled–and it’s true. You put the throw in the wash on delicate/cold. Next–find a large area to hang dry. I put ours over the shower curtain rod.  Don’t be afraid if it looks like a wet dog when it’s dry! There is a secret….

You brush the fur and it is restored to it’s magical splendor.  I used my daughter’s Wet Brush–made to gently de-tangle wet hair or faux fur 🙂

Suddenly…snacks, juice boxes, and the dog were no longer a problem. I could keep the throws good as new with a quick was and brush. The throws are four years old now and they have held up great!

So, this year when I needed a new blanket to protect the end of our chaise–I picked up a small faux fur throw from Home Goods for 14.99! It’s the perfect little touch of luxury.