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My ultimate goal as a mother is to raise children who are kind.

Kindness grows more difficult to teach it seems…communities are not as close knit as they used to be. Still, the joy of helping others is priceless.

Over the weekend, we went up to the mountains to help stack firewood for the grandparents. My brother in law had done a lot of the heavy work the day before, but we arrived the next day to finish.

With four of us working–we had the wood stacked quickly. It was fun to see the pride shining on our kids faces as they helped. They knew that they were doing something useful and it showed in their cheer and dedication to lifting sometimes heavy chunks of wood with their small hands and placing it neatly.

After, they were excited to sweep and clean up. My daughter even swept a good portion of the driveway! It was like they didn’t want the experience to end.

They were bursting with pride when they came inside for hot chocolate.  You can see in the photo above from several years ago that it is never too early to start. Even little ones can help.

We are always looking for examples and opportunities to demonstrate kindness. Our children make us very proud when they notice small ways to be helpful and act on their own.

Sometimes we all forget and need reminders, but practice is great and the rewards help to build their self esteem.