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Mirror Lake

2017 ended in the best possible way.  Each year, we try to focus on an experience for the holidays–rather than boxed gifts.

For 2017, we met our closest friends in Lake Placid for a quick get away.  Their kids are roughly the same age as ours and we’ve been friends for so long that it feels like family. I loved watching all four of them curled up for a movie in the hotel room or making snow angels on the lawn.

We visited a local brewery. Everyone shared an enormous pretzel that spanned the circumference of a large platter! I’m fairly certain we discovered the best hot chocolate in the state. I even conquered a major fear and walked on the frozen lake.

The lodge was the perfect place to gather in front of the huge fire and play silly board games and giggle over a round of Exploding Kittens.


The  best times are filled with belly laughs…a bit of water ballet…and friendship.

Cheers to the new year!