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The new year always brings a sense of renewal and expectation. On the first of January, we all feel just a bit more optimistic. New year…fresh start.

I think a spark of motivation is great. I get excited to plan meals, set a few goals, and start anew.  It’s easy to see that a new year doesn’t mean perfection. We must recognize that the importance lies in continuing to begin anew.

I can be great at organizing and planning, but it does not mean that every day is a masterpiece. You have to be kind enough to find peace when some days are tougher than others. Don’t wait for a new year. Each morning begins a new day.

My morning began with grocery runs and a trip to the car wash.  I’m just your average middle aged mom (aka ma’am) in a baseball hat, cruising in my family friendly suv listening to Emo Goth Gangster Rap. Every time the rainbow colored suds cover the car, I laugh just a bit. How did I get here? I was the cool kid who was going to write amazing things!  I had no plans to settle down.


Flash forward several states, a few countries, and many years.

In present time–I am married to an incredible man. We have beautiful children. Life is quite “settled down”.  I enjoy helping people pull their homes and closets together because it feels good to see someone who is too busy to do it all enjoy their space.  I can be a “home maker” for other people while my kids are at school.

It feels very good to hear that my clients feel more relaxed and at peace when I make their living areas more comfortable and inviting.

Organizing a space for beauty or for function is a renewal. Streamlining closets and storage lessons the chaos of every day life. Planning nutritious meals gives you something to enjoy and appreciate.

May the new year be a source of constant renewal. More calm, less chaos. And definitely, no shame in a mom channeling her inner rapper 🙂