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Have you heard of Hygge?

It’s a Danish word for coziness. Hygge is a state of mind focused on comfort. One takes pleasure in simple things, which brings focus to making every day life more beautiful and meaningful.


How do you Hygge?

  • Create a comfortable space. Let go of clutter and emphasize what brings you joy.
  • Enjoy simple pleasures. Hygge is the warmth in a cup of tea, the glow of a candle, or listening to your favorite music.
  • Get cozy. Think soft and warm blankets, cuddling by the fire.
  • Read a book. Feel the paper in your hands and get lost in a story.
  • Let your mind roam. Create a journal or draw something. Encourage your creativity.
  • Meditate or practice mindfulness. Turn off devices and enjoy the comfort of loved ones and home.
  • Bring Nature inside. Elevate your mood with fresh flowers or green plants.
  • Be in the moment. Hug your children. Kiss your spouse. Spend time with a pet. Enjoy expressing the love you feel for those closest to you.
  • Practice self care. Take a relaxing bath or steam shower.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Enjoy preparing and eating good food.
  • Wear something soft that makes you feel beautiful.


Winters can be tough as a homesick Texan! The concept of Hygge feels restorative and reminds me to focus on this one precious life.