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Over the years, Valentine’s day has lost it’s appeal.  The pressure to make an extravagant gesture overwhelms the meaning of the day. Rather than stressing over marketing and fighting crowds for overpriced flowers and food–try some of these ideas to meaningfully express your love.

  • Write a love letter. There is nothing more romantic than telling your partner exactly why you fell for them.
  • Get up early and make coffee or breakfast in bed.
  • Invite your loved one for a walk or a run. Go somewhere beautiful.
  • Do something nice…like the dishes…the laundry…or any chore that your love normally performs.
  • Watch a movie that has sentimental value. Pop some corn and snuggle up.
  • Use the good dishes. Light candles. Even frozen pizza becomes special.
  • Got kids? Watch them while your love enjoys a long bath.
  • Hug your love and tell them how much they mean to you.
  • Be thoughtful. Tuck a small note or treat into a coat pocket.
  • Frame a favorite picture.
  • Do something silly–ice cream sundaes or a picnic on the living room floor.
  • Does your partner work a lot? Make them a delicious lunch to remind them you care.
  • Think about what they really enjoy–puzzles, games, books, music… My children cut Sudoku puzzles out of the paper for my husband. It’s such a sweet and mindful gesture.

A valentine can be a child, a romantic partner, or anyone you love spending time with. Focus on what is truly important and show your love in a meaningful way–by spending time together and sharing your heart.