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My seven year old has been the only one who hasn’t fallen sick this week.  Fortunately for all of us–she has always been easy to entertain! Our little bug loves a good sitcom and we allowed her to start watching Friends.

J and I have burst out laughing listening to her quote some of our favorite lines.

“I’m breezy! This is just me being breezy”

“Oh my God! I thought we were rid of Janice!”

And of course…a few seven year old questions like “Mom…what is a lesbian?” Quickly solved as we know people with two mommies or two daddies. We just haven’t gotten into labels. Love makes a family. Our kids get that.

Things that felt so taboo when J and I were growing up are now just every day normal stuff. Children are amazing. They live their life and see other people living theirs and have never asked for more than a basic clarification when they encounter someone new.

Just as my generation fell in love with “Friends” and the idea that people could be bound by these enduring friendships that make them family–my little kiddos are charmed with Chandler and Monica, Ross and Rachel. The “chick” and the “duck” are super popular.

p.s.  Our daughter has firmly decided that I am a “Monica” and her father is a “Chandler”. She loves to say “Bing!”.


It’s neat to share bits of ourselves with them as they grow. Favorite books, music, movies, and of course television shows. I cannot help but smile when my daughter and I are alone in the car and she says “Mommy, lets put on some music from when you were in high school.” That means metal hair bands and a bit of embarrassment on my part. She loves it!

I love it, too. Right now…I see her as a Phoebe 🙂