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We spent Easter break at the Mohonk House. This beautiful historic hotel is a great place for a family to unwind and reconnect. Mohonk house offers scenic hiking trails, ice skating and cross country skiing, a world class spa, and NO TV.

Yes, that’s right– NO TV.

The kids and I spent our days technology free. In the spirit of the historic great camps of the early 1900’s, we spent our days swimming and hiking. Our evenings were filled with music and entertainment. We read books, played games, and took in the incredible scenic views.

I was able to limit my technology use to photography. I felt an amazing source of inspiration without the distraction of media. I wrote and took photos of scenes that I hope to draw very soon.


Our meals were filled with lively discussions about the kid’s daytime activities and excitement of new friendships. I could well imagine the lazy summers spent generations ago–quiet contemplation, delicious food, and new found friendships on the beaches and trails.

It can be hard to unplug. The reward is huge. My children and I had a beautiful time and grew even closer. I hope that we can visit again when everything is in bloom!