Winter has been miserable–I won’t lie. It feels like it might never end. Yesterday, we finally enjoyed a day of sunshine and were able to hit the park without a jacket!! Oh sure, we were still wearing sweaters…but it was progress.

Our family survived my first week as a vegan. Other than a few random sprinkles of cheese while eating out–I think I did well.

I had a lot of questions on my FB page about what I was eating.

Breakfast was usually a banana, 2 dates, and a handful of nuts when I was busy…sometimes a green smoothie..and one morning when I was hangry? A kodiak cake in a mug (yes…with whey protein. Not vegan)

Lunch was almost always 9 Miles East salads or soup. I ate out twice during the week and was able to get kale salad, bean salads, and quinoa. We have a good selection of places to choose from downtown. It was tough, but not impossible. I did cheat a bit when we went out for mexican–there wasn’t much to choose from on the menu. I had sweet corn soup with queso fresco and a crab cake.

J and I celebrated our anniversary and I ate a grain bowl for dinner and yummy butternut squash with apples for an appetizer. It was really tough watching him eat steak and buttery risotto…but I did it!

Dinners ranged from quinoa and veggie stir fry, to salads, and some roasted veggies. I made regular food for the family and ate the veggies with beans or nuts.


I eat as much as I want. I lost three pounds. And I feel pretty good. 7 weeks until I repeat my blood work.