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Summer is fast and furious now that the kids are getting older. Gone are the days when blowing bubbles in the yard and building a fort were good times! Now, their schedules are packed with camps, hikes, lake time with friends, trips to the tennis courts and summer tutoring sessions.

I’ve watched the dates on my calendar fill up–amazed that the summer already feels like it has been whisked away.

We try to stop school year activities–it makes more time for lazy walks to the library and reading on a blanket at the park. We limit camp to 1-2 weeks per summer. We look forward to unplugging for two weeks of family vacation.

It’s still overwhelming and stressful.

In this over scheduled world–give yourself permission to say NO.  If an activity isn’t necessary and you are not excited about it…it’s ok to skip it. There is nothing wrong with taking a day to wade in the lake and chase tadpoles if that’s what you enjoy doing.

When the kids were little, I made “bucket lists” to keep them busy and happy. This summer, I’m working the reverse idea. We have so much on the calendar that our unscheduled days should just be fun and spontaneous.

Life’s short. Relax!