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Title courtesy of our cousin Inga’s super awesome beach hat!!

Our week at the shore went by so quickly!  Put about 40 family members in various houses at the beach and there is always something to do! Food truck night, the boardwalk, kids running wild on skate boards and scooters. Seven days are gone in a snap.

The kids are officially self sufficient (slow clap) and now us parents can actually read and swim in the ocean rather than chase toddlers. I actually finished one book and came close to the end of a second.


The week is a beautiful reminder of the importance of family. We live in a fast and furious world–taking a week to catch up with aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and “shore cousins” is the BEST. Our kids from the oldest to the youngest look out for one another.

A local kid hurled insults at our tribe and the cousins and siblings quickly rallied to protect one another. I can still remember the gleam in my child’s eye as I spotted her with a hand full of sand sneaking to retaliate against the hapless bully. I stopped her–explaining that mean kids are sad kids. It was a good reminder for myself as well–since the taunts were ridiculous and cruel.

The beauty of this week isn’t just the blue skies and waves…it is the bond between all of us. Our shore family is something to treasure.