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The holidays look different this year. Not only is the hubs on call for Christmas eve and Christmas day–the kids are getting older and thinking more about the true spirit of the season.

We are making conscious choices to continue to downsize our lives. This year, we have decided on a family trip rather than large gifts. The experience will last longer and linger in our memories. It also gives us much needed family time to reconnect during this hectic season.

This doesn’t mean that there is no holiday magic–we have many fun and exciting traditions that we look forward to.

Alfie E. Elf


Our elf has been a charming slacker for years! He takes spa vacations, sips tiny cups of hot chocolate while people watching on our front door wreath…and has been known to pull the occasional “K-Stand” (That’s Keurig, folks…we are still PG).


So, it is no surprise that Alfie has an RV.

 Just like my son, who loves the mountains and the thrill of the open road–the elf shares this same spirit of wonder and adventure.


And, like our daughter, he loves sweets and quite a bit of pampering 🙂

The kids get incredibly excited about our elf’s adventures during his time at our house. We all look forward to the magic that Alfie brings.

Stay tuned for more simple and meaningful family traditions ***