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Every mom needs a break.

For me, the crazy usually sets in after the holidays and our family vacation. Winter rages on in the northeast, oblivious to spring until May for the most part. Meanwhile, mom life takes on a cycle of monotony; cook, clean, kids and homework, REPEAT.

If I am at home, I am constantly at work. There is no getting away from items that need to be put away or surfaces that need to be dusted. I’m constantly seeing CHORES. For some reason my children drop whatever they are holding in whatever room they are standing in and leave it there. Socks on the floor. Sunglasses on my desk. Hair brush on the couch. Legos everywhere.

I work hard keeping our little tribe going. Once in a while, I like to recharge by going away for a night by myself. Fortunately, my husband is very supportive when I need a quick getaway.

This year, I got a last minute booking at The Adelphi Hotel. This gorgeous boutique hotel is a piece of Saratoga history that has been recently restored. They offer a special “locals rate” for guests who live within 50 miles of the hotel. It’s a great way to experience luxury in the off season!

Broadway Premier King–gorgeous room with downtown views

This room has everything that you could want in a mom vacation! Stand alone soaking tub, rainfall shower, even a Japanese toilet with a heated seat. Who knew?!?

The amenities included a selection of sweet and savory snacks, a Nespresso machine with adorable little rock sugar sticks, and complimentary Saratoga spring water and soda! I settled in, put on my complimentary robe and relaxed with a book while snacking on macaroons.

The Adelphi staff was lovely. I ordered room service and it arrived promptly 25 minutes later. The food was delicious and my prosecco was perfectly chilled.

I was only away for a night–but I feel fully restored.