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Every year, I am forced to admit that summer vacation involves the fastest weeks of our year. The kids are getting older. Instead of blowing bubbles and running through a lawn sprinkler–we have tennis, bike rides, trips to the pool or lake, camps, and hang out time with friends. “Don’t say play date, anymore!” My oldest will roll his eyes with a groan.

I have mentioned my summer goal setting in previous blog posts. Making a list centers me during the crazy times and at the end when the kids go back to school, I feel like I accomplished SOMETHING.

Standard summer time goals include weekly trips to the library. We like to schedule in a few adventures like hikes, unexplored parks, museums, or the latest action movie 🙂

This summer, we have started to think about survival skills for adulthood. I have a hard time coping with the fact that the kids will indeed leave home in a few years and they will need some lessons from mom before they go.

Our Current Goals

  • Cook a few simple meals
  • Basic laundry skills
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Bicycle safety
  • Experience boredom and use your imagination
  • Thank you notes and cards
  • Get Outside
Life skills feel like rocket science when you are a kid…practice makes perfect!

We started the summer cooking with basics like cracking and scrambling eggs. The kids can make oatmeal, sandwiches, and they are obsessed with appetizer trays. I have a drawer full of food cutters for cheese and deli meat and fruits. They are excited to make a cake this week.

I’m proud that each child has done a full load of laundry. I try to spice things up by playing “the dating game” for mismatched socks looking for mates and we have scavenger hunts for articles of clothing missing in action….hello Mini Boded grey cardigan that goes with everything?!?

As for cleaning up–The kids want to earn extra money by doing chores. This morning I woke up to see them busily scrubbing their bathroom. Joy! We use non-toxic cleaning products and they are great at working as a team. We made a chore list and set a monetary value for each chore. ps–cleaning your room and putting away your laundry is part of living in the house. Sorry!

Chore ideas

  • Take out trash and recycling
  • dishes/empty dishwasher
  • set and clear table
  • walk dog
  • vacuum and dust
  • laundry
  • clean bathroom
  • clean out car
  • water plants
Summer time is the best!