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As the saying goes…”there is no place like home.”

However, travelers are frequently bypassing hotels for cozy rentals through VRBO or Airbnb. Through these sites, private owners will rent their homes or vacation properties for you to enjoy.

We’ve stayed at several places over the years. It’s a great way for families and groups to share a larger space and to enjoy unique options like a waterfront home or a great downtown destination. Some of our stays have been incredible and some have been sort of gross.

I’ve developed some strong opinions about how one should successfully furnish a rental for maximum enjoyment. I will start with sleeping arrangements. Since chain hotels are typically “just a bed” they are known to focus on comfortable sleep spaces. Many popular hotels dedicate a lot of promotion regarding the type of mattress, linens, and pillow options.

Small property renters should note that if guests don’t sleep well in their rented space–it’s a sure bet that they won’t return.

Beds: Master bedrooms should always offer AT LEAST a queen size mattress. The mattress should be comfortable and of good quality with a protective mattress pad.

Sheets: 100% cotton or natural fibers. I don’t expect you to go crazy….but there is nothing more uncomfortable than polyester blend sheets that do not breathe.

Please replace worn, stained, or torn bedding. Finding a bug in your bed while staying at a cabin is typically not a disaster. Sweat stained sheets pillow cases with makeup smears are a deal breaker!

We have rented homes that request that we bring our own linens and towels. I keep a plastic storage bag with bedding for our annual beach rental. I actually love having our own things for the week. The house has a washer and dryer and it is easy to clean everything and pack up.

Extra bedrooms with bunk options or multiple beds in one room are fun for families and our kids get super excited about “sleepovers” when we travel with friends. Their beds should be comfortable too–believe me–the kids will tell you!

After the beds/bedding. Consider the lighting in the room. Are there lamps for reading? Is the room dark enough to sleep in? If not, you might invest in shades or curtains.

I always love a chair or bench to put things on. These folding luggage racks are wonderful and stow away when you don’t need them. For people who don’t want a suitcase to land on top of a wooden piece of furniture or on an upholstered chair, a luggage rack is a great way to protect your surfaces.

Last, we live in a world of technology. If your rooms do not have many electrical outlets–you might consider adding power strips or inexpensive charging tables. Stores like TJ Maxx or Homegoods often carry them at low prices.

Personally, I cannot sleep without a white noise machine. My husband seeks out a place to designate as a charging station for his phone. The kids love to use kindles.

What makes a comfortable sleeping spot for you?

Happy Vacationing!

These opinions and links are my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for the views expressed on this page.