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As I mentioned in my last post, we are doing a seasonal ski rental this year. My husband and I are constantly working towards our goal of giving our children experiences and memories versus “things.”

We had a small Christmas–knowing that our little ski getaway would be our main gift to the family. The time we’ve spent as a family is truly a reward. The kids have grown in numerous ways–from learning to build a fire in the fireplace–to entertaining themselves in “old school ways” like crafts, puzzles..and even the vintage etch a sketch at a local lodge 🙂

I love watching our two “tweens” develop organization skills. They pack for the trip, get their ski bags ready, and have amazed me with their positive attitudes. Sometimes it’s tough to leave town when all of our friends are somewhere having fun.

I know that these memories will be with us for a lifetime.

Collect memories, not things. Have Stories to tell, not stuffs to show.

Shubham Gupta

Cheers to our stories! From getting lost snowshoeing to apres ski Yurt parties. The kids can talk about their first runs on the mountain with friends rather than parents and the epic trick someone performed while free skiing.

We might be raising kids without a yard–but we are still living outdoors.