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High Efficiency Dryers are often equipped with a “steam/refresh” setting. I’ve used it a few times to take wrinkles out of clothing…but after our vacation I discovered a great new way to skip the dry cleaners for a few items.

I love packing scarves to extend my wardrobe and to adjust to changing climate during travel. I use them as hair accessories, blankets, swimsuit cover ups, belts, and even bracelets.

We spent a great week in the sun–and when I got home all of my scarves and the sweater that I traveled in smelled like a mixture of sunscreen and sweaty airplane funk!

I put them in the dry clean only basket, thinking I’d drop them off once I got reorganized. Then, and idea struck! The Sanitize/Refresh steam setting in the dryer! I put 4-5 drops of thieves oil on a wool dryer ball and added two scarves and a sweater. Fifteen minutes later–fresh and wrinkle free! YAY! Instant gratification and saving money.