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Gardening at our old house…

I won’t lie…spending weeks cooped up at home in a downtown condo have made me pine for our old house in the suburbs. The kids and had a yard, a play room, and the basement when the weather was bad or when we spent the weekend at home.

The house was a lot of work and often a huge headache. We wanted the hustle and bustle of downtown life. I craved sidewalks and all of the fun urban living provided.

So, we sold the big house and moved into a condo the size of our former basement. I comforted myself that even though we only had 4 windows in the new place that the city would become our yard.

Our “yard” downtown.
Trying on hats downtown…

Ha! It’s been all fine and good until we are facing 4+ weeks staying at home. Now, I find myself absolutely wistful about windows and space. Spring weather is a mixed bag in upstate NY. We took a walk with snow on the ground yesterday!

Everything feels out of balance.

My kids have been super stars for the past two weeks. They do their school work with few complaints. We cook and laugh around the dinner table. We’ve found a show that all of us enjoy to stream on Netflix in the evenings.

All of us miss our friends. We miss freedom. My son is sad that the ski season was cut short and both are wishing that they could see their school friends and run around outside like they used to.

We all have to stay positive and remind ourselves that this is temporary. The world will heal.