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With outside life on pause, there is plenty of time to do all of the things you’ve promised to do.

I stumbled across some photos on Pinterest showing Sashiko–or visible mending. It’s a creative way to repair flaws in fabric while enhancing the item in a personal way. A rip in my jeans became a flower. I envision a garden as they continue to age. I like that my skills will improve over time and reveal part of the journey.

There has been time for art. There’s time for books that we’ve wanted to read. Movie nights are a family event. There is time for naps…time to brush my daughter’s hair…and time to sit and pet the dog.

I’ve gone back to meal planning. Everyone is home for dinner! No crazy after school activities. We grocery shop once per week and I have to get out a piece of paper and plan. I used to do this every week. Over the years, the family became so busy that I was lucky to make 3-4 dinners per week.

We call friends. I treasure being able to finally catch up with people that I’ve been meaning to call. It’s a luxury to have those long conversations that none of us had time for months ago.

My husband’s family has started a weekly trivia game over the phone. We laugh and shout and have such a good time.

We go for walks as a family. We used to do this all of the time when the kids were little…but now we enjoy this time even more. My kids are so funny and unique and the conversations are fascinating. I hope this is something that we keep when life returns to “normal.”

So many people have written that staying home has been a time for all of us to heal. The world was moving so fast. We were consuming so much! Going to Target had become “entertainment.” It is astonishing how little we need when we stay at home and enjoy our kids and our time together.

Our Covid19 Survival tools: art, great food, music, 80’s movies, books, and time to snuggle up and enjoy them. We watch winter turn into spring with new appreciation for rebirth. I know that we will reemerge feeling different about the world. Priorities have shifted to what truly matters.