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It doesn’t seem possible that life in limbo has continued for so long. As the number of cases continues to rise across the country some things have become normal…like wearing a mask to the store or washing our hands dozens of times in a day.

What doesn’t ever feel quite right is the social distancing. It is hard to separate ourselves from our support systems and friends. It is hard to worry about loved ones and whether or not someone who gets sick will recover.

I am coping in the best ways that I know how. I’ve incorporated a lot of antiviral foods into our diet. Lemons, garlic, onion, honey, coconut oil, thyme, and oregano. Small things that make me feel like I am boosting our immunity. Citrus, broccoli, and berries and red bell peppers for vitamin C.

We joined a community farm. It’s so soothing to walk the rows of plants and wild flowers and spend time outdoors gathering fresh vegetables. In many ways, life during Covid feels like a simpler time. Less retail, more living.

It’s calming to work quietly, harvesting food and then washing and preparing it. It gets us out of the condo. It connects us back to the earth.

We have also been spending a lot of time on the water. It’s been the perfect way to socially distance and enjoy time as a family. The northeast has been incredibly hot this summer and the cool water is much appreciated.

I never imagined life like this in the U.S. Keep searching for the good and keep connecting with those you hold dear. So many endure far worse. This too, shall pass.

I am surviving with nature, art, good books, silly movies, and my family.