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Condo living definitely has limits. We knew that we would have a very finite living space. It is impossible to “add” square footage. So, when something like Covid happens and you have two kids in “virtual school” it can feel cramped and overwhelming pretty fast.

Below, is our TV room on a perfect day….ie never. It looks this way when no one sits in it or leaves an array of crayons, dirty dishes, and laundry floating around. We do most of our “living” in this room since we made the choice to skip the TV in our main living room.

When it’s clean, I love the bright and cozy feel. The room doesn’t have a single window–so I brought a lot of color in!

The Media Room

In the corner behind the sectional, we have the junk area. Over the last year it has become home to orchestra instruments, office supplies, art, books, legos, and even the DVD player that we never connected to the television.

This corner is literally the only spot in the house where we could conceive of a home office space. Somehow, we need to put a workspace for two and much needed storage.

The “Junk Corner”

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and even more time looking at office set ups online. We debated between buying items and having a built in system. In the end, we knew that we needed to fork over the extra money for a built in. When you have such a limited amount of space–it’s important to use every single inch of it from floor to ceiling.

I worked with the company that built our cabinets and the designer came up with a great plan to give us everything that we need to get rid of clutter and provide an organized study and work space.

With any luck, we should have the unit installed in the next week or two and I will finally feel like this crazy room makes sense again.

In my typical style, I chose blue cabinets, white counters, and green chairs. This room goes all out with the peacock theme–so why not? When you can’t have windows and endless square footage, you adapt.