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Why Essential Oils?

I began using YL Essential oils over a year ago. I ran into a lovely woman at our neighborhood farmer’s market and she introduced me to to these wonderful oils for cleaning, cooking, and natural health.

Over the years, my nutrition degree has helped me to evaluate the foods we eat and the additives contained in processed items.  We try to eat well and I know the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Essential oils seemed like the logical “next step” for our family’s health and well being.  We live in a world full of toxins. Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate many of the cancer causing chemicals, hormone disrupters, and unwanted ingredients contained in every day products?

What if instead of popping a pill, we could use something natural to soothe a fever or heal a cold or tummy bug? What if I told you that aromatherapy can help you relax and sleep? Or that a smell could energize you?

Did you know that ingesting some essential oils can improve your overall health? Oils can be used for a variety of reasons–increased immunity, heart health, hormone balance, joint pain, wound care, beauty and healthy skin…etc. The list is virtually endless.

If you are interested in starting this journey–please use the Contact Me information provided on the blog, or visit the Young Living Website to order your own oils or a personal  starter kit.

To sign up, simply visit this page: 

  • Don’t forget to enter my personal member number: 10157187 as both member number and enrolled number. It should be saved on the link…but just in case you need it!

I will be sharing information regularly on this blog that explores my daily use of essential oils and the benefits they bring to my family. I hope that you will join us!